Meet Gigi Coffee

We are a humble home-grown coffee company that aims to spread positive vibes by offering high quality and affordable coffee to urbanites, Gigi Coffee centred our mission on making everyone’s day feel and taste better, starting with great coffee at great convenience.

At Gigi Coffee, we believe that great, aromatic flavours connect people in unique, delicious ways. And for more people to be able to experience this, we expand the common concept of coffee on-the-go by aiding our services with technology.

Our High Quality Coffee

Everyone deserve the best speciality coffee, thus, it’s all that matters to us! We are passionate and committed to bring the best brews to you, both in terms of value and quality.

  • 100% Arabica coffee beans that are freshly roasted and freshly ground
  • A versatile menu designed by passionate baristas, featuring variants that Malaysians love
  • Collaborates with renowned coffee machine suppliers and reputable ingredients suppliers
  • Practices stringent quality control procedures.

Our Coffee Principle

To ensure that all coffee beans are selected through a sustainable approach, our sourcing team works closely with farmers and farms.

Via ethical and sustainable practice, as well as improving the welfare of those involved in the process “From Tree to Cup”, we offer only the best possible quality of coffee beans.

Our highly-reliable team of professionals includes Malaysia Barista Champion, Licensed Q Arabica Grader, Certified Coffee Roaster, Certified Barista Trainer, and more to perform regular coffee cupping and laboratory analysis for quality consistency.

All our coffee beans are also certified with ISO22000, HACCP and Halal.