Good Old Days

A journey back to the carefree childhood days, where the vibrant Ice Cream Potong brought us endless joy.

We’ve combined those cherished flavors with our specialty coffee, creating a fusion of nostalgia and sophistication. Come indulge in this creamy bliss and relish the sweet memories of our youth.

Let this extraordinary series bring you to a world of pure delight, where childhood meets adulthood in a perfect harmony.

An all-time Malaysian favourite delicacy in a cup! A durian-based milk topped with espresso and a stick of durian potong which creates an exciting flavour that will surprise your taste buds

*coffee based drink*

The unique combination of red bean, coffee, and red bean potong, re-calling beautiful nostalgic memories and putting a big smile on your face.

*coffee based drink*

A creamy coconut milk latte mixed with gula melaka for a fragrant and natural sweet flavour, topped with espresso and coconut potong to sweeten your mood

*coffee based drink*

* Limited time only *
* Pictures are for illustration purposes only *