"This Blue is An Icon"

a phrase that encapsulates the essence of Gigi Coffee.

Our iconic blue signifies a lifestyle choice, a commitment to sustainability, a vibrant spirit, and a testament to the youthful spirit that fuels our passion.

This blue isn’t just about coffee; it’s a symbol of our incredible journey, made possible by our loyal customers and fans.

As we celebrate this milestone, let’s continue to embrace “This Blue” as a timeless symbol of our shared journey towards excellence and sustainability.

Here’s to many more years of sipping, savoring, and shaping the future together!  ☕.

Custard Latte

Our unique coffee topped with smooth and creamy custard.
A must try for Buttercream Latte lovers!

*coffee based drink*

Caramilk Latte

Caramel Milk

*non-coffee-based drink*

Carascotch Latte

Caramel Butterscotch Latte

*coffee based drink*

Buttercream G-Frappe

Gigi’s Birthday Exclusive.

*coffee based drink*

* Limited time only *
* Pictures are for illustration purposes only *